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Labor day cruise, Grand Turks & Miami

Last stop! Grand Turks. The water was GORGEOUS! But the floor of the beach wasn't the most swimmer friendly. There was this huge mass of moss that you had to cross before you go to the clearer water and the floor of the sea was very rocky. I got a few cuts from the rough ocean floor. We ended up going out on a snorkel tour. It was sooo beautiful! The water was even more unbelievable and we even got to see & pet a shark! mc-18 mc-19 mc-20 mc-21 mc-23 Back to Miami! We had a later flight, so we didn't know what to do. But we found out you can pay a reduced rate for a hotel room and have access to their private beach. So that's what we did! The beach was adorable with all the colored umbrellas! mc-24 mc-25

Labor Day Cruise, Puerto Rico


Labor Day Cruise, DR & US Virgin Islands

We went on a cruise with the whole family for labor day.  We left out of Miami. Our kids are really good at making friends with strangers, especially Chaz who got awkwardly close to some man who was trying to relax in the pool while talking with his girlfriend. mc-1


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