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NYC, part 4

We went to church on sunday in the building where the temple is. Chad especially loved the services. For sacrament meeting, people could come up and request their favorite hymn and we'd sing one verse of it. The organ player was amazing! He not only could play every song, but he added key changes and special accompaniment and trills throughout. It was fun. nycss-45 Outside of the temple/church, were the giving machines. We donated a soccerball, since it's something that Chad is personally passionate about. It was cool because several things you could buy were through other churches. Catholic ministries was one of them I remember seeing. It's cool to see other faiths joining together for the common good of others. nycss-46 nycss-47 We got to see Frozen on Broadway. That one was fun. nycss-a7 nycss-a8 nycss-a6 This is where the ball would drop. It looks much bigger on tv. nycss-48 I really wanted to make a stop into Adorama or B&H photo while we were in New York. We squeezed in B&H just before we left. I'm assuming that it is owned by Jewish owners because the majority of the employees were wearing skull caps. I got to try out several lenses that I've been drooling over, even if it was just taking shots in the interior of the store. I enjoyed it. :) nycss-a5

NYC, part 3

We rode a tourist hop on/hop off bus and it would've been pretty cool, but all the audio wasn't working so we couldn't hear what the tour guide was saying. We got off near Central Park and took a stroll. nycss-30 We made our way to the American Museum of Natural History. My kids were so excited to watch Night At the Museum after they found out that their mom and dad had gone there. nycss-29 nycss-28 nycss-31 Rockefeller Plaza nycss-32 One of the highlights of the trip for me- Top of the Rock. nycss-33
nycss-34 nycss-35 nycss-36 nycss-37 nycss-38 nycss-39 nycss-40 nycss-41 The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza nycss-42 We caught the tail end of a light show on Saks. nycss-43 And that night we saw the broadway show Waitress. Sara Baralies wrote the music and that was fun to hear, but the plot line was disturbing for me. I didn't know that it was essentially about an affair. In the end, they end things and go their separate ways, but it made me frustrated that they really minimized the consequences of the affair. They seemed to say, we had our fling and we stopped it so it's all okay & we can go back to normal life. I was left thinking about all the potential drama lying in the future and burden of secrets that would weigh on the characters' consciences. I believe in second chances and repentance, but I didn't see any sort of repenting, just the stopping of bad behavior. So I thought it an oversimplification to have a happy ending to the play. Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend this one. nycss-44

NYC, part 2

Our 3rd day the forecast for the day was 100% rain all day. We decided to go to the 9/11 museum with the City Pass that I had bought. What we didn't know was that you have to stand in a long line specific for city pass holders just to get your voucher for the museum. And then you have to stand in another line to get in and get through security.

After waiting in the rain for about an hour we were only halfway closer to the counter & we found out you can buy tickets from the kiosk or online & skip the line altogether. What?! We would've gladly spent an extra $20 to avoid a 2 hour line! Us and the family behind us ditched the line. We'll have to visit the museum some other trip. We couldn't bring ourselves to waiting in any more lines that day.  nycss-a4 Drenched, we found a nearby mall and I bought some wool socks to replace our socks that had become soggy from our wait in the rain. We did get some cool pictures of ground zero though. nycss-18 nycss-19 nycss-20 nycss-a3 Luckily, there was no line to hop on a ferry for the statue of liberty. Although I wasn't super thrilled about the rain that day, it did provide for some very cool, moody pictures. nycss-21 nycss-22 nycss-23 nycss-24 nycss-25 We could've got off at Ellis Island, but we were both too cold & damp, so I just got a picture of the exterior from our ferry. nycss-26 That night we went out to eat in Little Italy with Kelsi & Taylor. Yum!  The gnocchi was delicious!  Cannolis for dessert! nycss-a2 After dinner we hit up Chinatown.  Kelsi was the only one who scored a sweet deal- she wanted a souvenir sweatshirt & she found one.  It was so fun to get to finish the night off with them! nycss-27

NYC, part 1

After Christmas, my in-laws watched our kids while we got away for a quick couple trip. We went to NYC for 6 days. We had a blast and it was so good to be Chad and Michelle instead of mom and dad for a few days.

 A few shots in Times Square. nycss-1 nycss-2 nycss-3 We got to go to the NYC temple that night with my sister & brother in law and his family. It was cool because there were service missionaries working there who were from Arizona. I was surprised to find out that they had lived in Eagar, Az (my hometown) at one point and his brother still lived there- Craig Coombs. We have known the Coombs since I was little and lived in Mesa & we moved to Eagar about the same time that they did. It was just one little way that I felt like Heavenly Father was telling me he was aware of me, even in this big, busy city. nycss-4 nycss-5 nycss-6
Tried lots of fun and interesting foods. nycss-a nycss-8 nycss-7 nycss-9 Saw the sights... nycss-10 nycss-11 nycss-12 nycss-13 Our room had a cool city view- nycss-14 nycss-15 nycss-16 nycss-17