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Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Allegiant had the perfect flights for us! They allowed us to have two separate weekend trips to Fort Walton Beach. It was pretty low key. We took ubers everywhere we went. We planned to get awesome pictures with a drone...until we found out we were too close to an airport. So this was the only picture I got. haha Oh well.

The next one we took everyone along.

Last day of school

lastdayschool lastdayschool2

My fa's 88th birthday

Every April there's a big family party for my grandfather's birthday. Me, Sheena and Lynnae all flew in to surprise my grandfather. It was kinda a surprise. haha (The beans were spilled accidentally about Lynnae's arrival & word spread to everyone but my grandfather about me & Sheena). It was SOO fun!

I love my grandfather & our family! That plane ticket out there was the best money I've spent in a long time!

All of the granddaughters that could make it got a pedicure.

gf-1 gf-2

Max's 6th birthday