A day in the park

Well, actually these are pictures from two separate visits.
As soon as Liam got out of the swing, he bolted for the other kids on the merry-go-round. I let Chad chase him while I continued to take pictures. And then, Chad being a good dad, hitched a ride on the merry-go-round to appease Liam.  I'm sure the kids thought, 'Man, these two are heavy!'
This day Liam & me went on a little walk to the park and remembering how much he loved the merry-go-round, we took a little detour.   At one point a man driving through the park stopped & just watched us for awhile. Feeling a little nervous, I finally acknowledged the onlooker by waving to him at which he replied back, "I'm not sure who's having more fun, you or him." (Both Liam & me were both giggling & exclaiming "WEEEE!").


October 2011 General Conference pictures

Another general conference has come and went.  Every talk was inspiring & wonderful, but like each year there were a specific few that really touched my heart- messages that seemed tailored for me.  My favorite, probably a talk by Carl B. Cook, "It Is Better to Look Up".  (click the title if you want to go read/listen/watch it!).

And, trying to stay true to tradition, we took what I like to refer to as "general conference" pictures.  I feel like every general conference I grow spiritually in some way.  There's always some talk that is exactly what I've been praying for or need to hear.  These pictures are a way to mark my families physical growth...& maybe even put a visual with a period when I/we learned something we needed to learn.

 Sunday we spent the day with family & I got some awesome spaghetti eating pictures.

Let me introduce the king of the pasta.
and the queen (Kyra's little Gracie Sue).
Now, a confession.  We didn't actually take pictures on Saturday or Sunday (when general conference was taking place).  I wasn't feeling good that day...but I wasn't going to give up on the tradition I'm trying to create!  So we just took them a few days later. :)

It wasn't all smooth sailing.  We got a few of these...
...and a few I'll probably print & stick on our wall.
And these- I just love. I snapped them when they thought I was messing with the self timer.  I love my family!


Black Walnut Festival

Chad was in Kansas City that day for classes & I had pictures that evening, so Liam and me stayed behind.  We did have fun though.  Although, after the day I said I would never go to another parade without my husband.
Things started out pretty good. All in good spirits.
Sadie was a pro with her whistling skills (aka- put your fingers to your mouth & let out a high pitch squeal).
Then Liam got a little sugar into his system. He hated the idea of collecting candy to put it into a bag. He began beating me to the tootsie rolls & shoving them in his mouth (wrapper & all) before I could get to him.
I just like these pictures below because of Sadie's awesome jumping in the background :)
And then, with every sugar high, there comes a low. (or maybe he was a little frustrated with me since I kept "stealing" his candy, I wouldn't let him go out and join the parade, & then we he threw a fit, I took pictures of it).