First tie

This is a typical sunday at my parents...kids & toys strewn all over the floor, an occasional wet puddle on the carpet (whether it's pee or a spilt glass of water).  Gotta love it.  Liam did.  I did.  One of the few times where Liam was not clingy.

You like his tie?  It was his first...and then he ripped it apart.  Now it is a knot and a triangle thingy.

IMG_9547 copy

I Heart Faces {Best Face Photo January}

It's a toss up...but I love this winking, chocolatey cheeks picture of my niece...and while I'm on the subject of nieces, I'm gonna tell you a little story about my nephew...kind of related, right?

So, I serve in the primary at church.  Each Sunday we spotlight a different primary child.  Yesterday, I just happened to draw Payson, my nephew, for the spotlight.  When a child is draw, they get to tell us who their favorite scripture hero is.  Typical responses are Nephi, or Daniel, or the 2000 striplings warriors.  But Payson's response was a little different.

Me:  Payson, what is your favorite scripture hero?

Payson (without hesistation & a completely straight face):  Umm, God.

Pretty good "scripture" hero...no explanation needed...end of conversation...I love my calling :)



I Heart Faces- Innocent Wonder

This was a hard one.  Liam is in a constant state of "wonder" these days, especially now that he's mobile.  I've sporadically followed him around with my camera this past week hoping to capture his thoughtful, furrowed brow or maybe him getting into one of his usual things (aka toilet paper, pots & pans, the dishwasher, pens...).  Sadly, all my stalking came to no avail...until, this morning when I was quick on the draw and pulled out my camera just in time to snap one frame of him attempting to hold a stream of water.  To me this epitomizes innocent wonder.



Moses and the brazen serpent...

Do you ever have something that's been on your mind?  Or something you've been pondering in your heart?  Lately the thing in my mind &/or heart has been Moses and the brazen serpent.

We get the weekly emails from Joseph Budd who is currently serving a mission in Finland.  One week he said something that really hit me.  He was asking his family to write him more letters.  Life as a missionary is hard and those letters are such a great support.  He asked his family if they hadn't been sending him letters because it was so easy and if it were something more complicated, would they do that complicated thing to support him?  He likened the situation to Moses and the brazen serpent.  Are you familiar with that story?

While Moses was leading the children of Israel across the desert, many were bit by poisenness serpents.  Moses, being the prophet, had the cure.  He had a staff with a brazen serpent that he lifted up and all the people had to do to be cured was to look.  Just look.  And because it was such a simple thing, many people didn't believe and they wouldn't even look.  Just a look...and they would've been cured.

This story reminds me of Naaman.  Naaman was told by the prophet to bathe in the River Jordan seven times to be cured of his leprosy.  And because it seemed like such a simple solution, he almost didn't do it.  Then, one of his servants asked him, if he would do it if it were a more complicated thing.  So he went to Jordan River and bathed seven times.  He was cured.

As a missionary, I cannot tell you how many times I shared with people the story of Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon and the people felt something.  I'd be so excited as a missionary to share these things because they meant so much to me.  They changed my life and have increased my faith in Jesus Christ.  We told them as missionaries that we didn't want them to take our word for it that these things we were telling them were true.  We wanted them to find out for themselves!  We told them if they would just read and pray to know if it were true, the Holy Ghost would witness to them that it was true.  But the majority of the people would never do any of these things.  And it was so simple.  Read.  Ponder.  Pray.  And the Lord would do the rest!    

But before I make myself sound like I'm perfect at the simple things...let me also say that when I read this letter, I realized that I too was slackening on some of the "simple" things that I should be more diligent at.

The law of the harvest is such an interesting thing.  To get the fruit, you have to plant the seed...and you have to water the seed...and pull out weeds...etc.  All such simple things.  Simple things that need doing over a period of time.  Small and simple steps.  But the Lord has always said, "By small and simple means are great things brought to pass".  So I've been striving to do more of the "simple" things.  And I challenge you to do the same.  What's on your "simple" list?  What things haven't you been doing because it seems like it's such a simple solution to the complicated problems you have?


The great orator

Doesn't my son look like he'll have some career making speeches?  Maybe a politician??



Once a Liam went yodeling...

Liam frequently likes to sing along with me in a nice monotone "aaawww" and occasionally an "eeeee"...but he's recently taken things to the next level.


I Heart Faces- Winter Wonderland

Well, it's not much of a winter wonderland here...more like muddy, mucky land.  So, I resort to a photo from last week.  Liam doesn't make things look very "wonderland"-ish with his protest.


Go check out the other entries from this week.  Truly inspiring.  I want more snow now.  :)


I Heart Faces/ Smile


Took this one today in the snow storm that is passing through.

And changing the subject...a friend asked me a little while back what this "I Heart Faces" thing is that I'm always posting about.  I guess I just assume because I know, everyone else does too...whoops.  So a brief explanation.  It's a website that posts a weekly photography challenge every Monday.  The challenge closes on Tuesday.  The theme of the challenge changes every week.  Winners are picked every Saturday.

I've loved doing it every week because it stretches my creativity as I think how I'll capture the week's theme.  And I feel the consistent practice has improved my skills so much!

And, let me just go off on a tangent for a bit...at BYU I took a architecture/interior design class.  The professor said the best way to develop good taste in design is to be exposed to good design.  I think that applies to so many areas...including photography.  There's all sorts of skill levels entering the contests each week.  I see my past self in some of the beginners...and I see others' work that I aspire to be more like.

So, photography lovers, whether you have a point and shoot or a nice dslr, go check them out!  Use 'em to develop your talents and skills too! (the button below is linked to their site.)


I Heart Faces/ Best Face Photo 2010

As far as quality, I'm not sure that this is my best work...but the content was among my finest.

The baby my sister was carrying was diagnosed with Triploidy and told her baby had no chance for survival and that the baby was putting her life at risk as well. The doctors ordered for an early, induced birth. The doctors said the baby would only live 15 minutes max, so in an attempt to capture those precious moments, I was invited to the birth.

It was heart wrenching. But such a blessing to be able to capture this precious little baby and the love of his mother.