Thanksgiving 2011

All of my family, with the exception of my sister Kyra who had a working husband, went out of town for Thanksgiving.  It was kind of depressing.  But, we wanted to make the best of it.  I craved watching the Macy's day parade.  Chad craved the food.  We both craved a little vacation.  So...
We had a modest Thanksgiving day feast.  I watched the Macy's day parade as I made the final preparations for lunch/packing.

We ate.

 We cleaned up.

 We left for Branson.

It was nice holiday.  More than anything, I think it was a learning experience.  The things I/we learned-

1.  Pyrex & Corelle do not count as fine china.  (I'd like some pieces of nice serving dishes to make special meals feel more like an event).
2.  Entertaining a toddler in a hotel room is a lot more difficult than at home.
3.  Exciting destinations are more fun than exciting resorts.
4.  Learn the back roads of Branson.
5.  We enjoy baking together (Chad helped with all the pies the night before.  Didn't he do great?).
6.  Take more pictures than just at Bass Pro.
7.  Liam is really obsessed with trains.


We're having a...

well, the picture speaks for itself.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...I don't think this one needs much explanation.

We both broke out laughing when we caught sight of this view.  We knew exactly what that meant.
We're both so excited for Liam to have a little brother & a playmate.

Liam's reaction to the news- completely clueless.


Halloween 2012

We were pirates this year.  Well, I kinda was.  I just sort of scavenged things from around the house for my "costume" (Chad's tuxedo shirt, a few scarfs, flip flops & rolled up pants).  And let me also mention, that I had to go to walmart dressed this way.  The walmart greeter greeted me with, "What are you supposed to be?".

Chad & Liam, on the other hand, were a little more authentic.  I told the greeter that I was a lot more pirate-esque with my husband & son around who actually looked like pirates.  (oh, btw, this below picture is from our ward halloween party.)
Needless to say, we didn't dress up for halloween, just Liam.  (Actually, Chad temporarily dressed up.  He emerged from our room wearing my clothes.  His chest filled out my shirt better than I can.  I looked at him & said, "You better not stretch out my shirt."  He had a giggle in his eyes.  I could tell he thought the pants were mine.  Luckily they weren't (I would've really been mad).  They were just merely a tighter pair of his pants that he'd forgotten about.    I think I rained on his parade when I added, "...and those pants are not mine."  He changed & came back with his wig on.)
This was his first year trick-or-treating.  Does is count if I'm the one that says "trick or treat"?
Liam running away from me with my camera.

Dental Hygeine

It's kinda crazy to see how much Liam does/learns through imitation.  Lately, it has been this.  And let me confess, he's not copying me on this habit.
He may not develop good flossing skills from his mom, but I hope that I can teach him other important things- maybe to love the Lord...a love for the scriptures...prayer...putting down the toilet seat...just to name a few.  :)