The rest of our Christmas festivities...

There was movie watching (among our favorites were Elf, Muppet Christmas, the Nativity Story, and Road to Avonlea series)

Cookie baking/decorating/eating

Singing/Christmas Caroling

Sillyness (execpt for my dad and father-in-law who you can see in the back...they were frequently seen talking business/medical/over my head stuff)

Testing out some new flash stuff (I used whoever cross my path as my test subjects, which happened to be Royce at one point...and yes, my living room did look like this at one point)

Dressing like twinners (is that how you spell that?)

Card playing

Present giving and receiving

And a lot of picture taking (obviously)

Merry Christmas!


Christmas part 2...more pictures from the farm

Here's some more pictures from that day out on the farm.

"My Boys Need a Farm"

I grew up with six girls...and then came along two boys at the end of that mix.  Once those boys came along, my dad began saying statements such as, "Boys need hard work...hard manual labor."  "My boys need a farm to grow up on."  Etc., etc.  Christmas Eve we went out to my parents farm and I got these pictures (and there's more pictures to come btw).  I love these because I can see the pride and joy in my dad's countenance.  He loves his farm and his family.  And for me, these pictures capture that loyalty for both those things.