Baby powder and other beauty secrets...

Most guys I'm sure are clueless, along with maybe some girls, to the beauty secret held in reserve for those days when you sleep in a little too long and you're not quite able to squeeze a shower into your morning routine. The secret is this...baby powder. Yes, sprinkle a little baby powder into the hair, blend it in and wa-lah, you're disgusting hair problems are solved for the day.

This morning my roommate Traci was a little late in waking up. It was a baby powder day for her. However, her sister gave her a new contraption, a little product called "pssssstt". Pssssstttt is basically spray in shampoo. It's the equivalent of baby powder. So there I was, getting ready for church, Traci to my right as she proceeded to spray her "shampoo" into her hair. I glanced over at her to make some sarcastic comment when I realized that she was holding a can of odor eaters foot spray. I was so confused. "Odor eaters??", I said, questioning her rational as she sprayed it in her hair. She looked at me, then looked at the can, and then back at me with a look of shock and disgust. Needless to say, it ended up being ashower day for Traci after all.

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