Catch up on my life...part 1

Wow! A lot has happened since I last wrote! I'll try to sum things up, we'll start with last summer.

Summer 2008- Had lots of fun. Went to Vegas for the first time. Stayed with my cousin Megan and picked Lynnae up from the airport. We shopped, ate, took a million pics and had a lot of fun!

After that it was off to home sweet home in Northern Arizona! There I went to two family reunions, celebrated the 4th of July, and ran a 5K.
-Freestone reunion...

-Wilkins reunion...

-Watching the 4th of July parade from the front of our house...

-Then a stop in Mesa, Az where Shannon, Preston and me stayed with my grandparents for a few weeks. Grandfather kept a beautiful garden and I loved it! We got to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and grandma's cooking everyday! I especially loved the fresh tomatoes (we enjoyed them in the middle of the Salmonella scare on tomatoes).

-Then it was off to New York to spend time with my good friend Traci Garff. I had a blast! We did so much stuff- manicures/pedicures, see the sights of New York, eat NY pizza and cheesecake, layout by the pool, ride the subway & train, go to the temple, walk the Brooklyn bridge, visit central park, shop til we drop (loved the knock off purses & sunglasses, Zara and H&M), go to a fancy italian restaurant, and best of all...get drawn for the lottery for Wicked (middle, front row seats)!


  1. That's all good, but I think you forgot the 2 biggest events, marriage and baby. lol

  2. I'm getting there. That will be part 3 and 4 :)