Other projects

At my baby shower Carolann Moak gave me a diaper that she made...from scratch! People like that amaze me. Then I found out that my cousin Terri Ann also makes up her own patterns for different bags that she sews (here's her blog if you want to see some of the stuff she makes and sells- http://www.terriannhart.blogspot.com/). I was amazed and inspired by them, so I decided to tackle a bag of my own. No, I didn't make my own pattern, but I did splice together two different patterns to make a bag with features I'd like better. Below is the bag & also a changing pad that I made. Ironically, the changing pad was more difficult for me. I've sworn to never sew with vinyl again!

My sister Kyra and me have been getting into different ways to make cute flowers and clips. Here's some of the flowers/clips I made.

I made this tutu because I think they're so adorable for pictures.

I love how all the projects I want to make are girly sort of things and I'm expecting a boy! Oh well, I bet Kyra is grateful for all the stuff I try out on her daughter.


  1. Your bag turned out adorable!
    Thanks for the link :)

    Here are a few links to some of my favorite fabric flower tutorials:

    Mini Satin flowers

    2 minute flower

    Fluttery flower (kind of big, but nice for accenting a bag or etc)

    Jeans corsage (surprisingly elegant)

    Okay..there are more but my comment is already a mile long!

  2. I am SO impressed! Can you please make me a bag JUST like yours. I will pay you. SERIOUSLY! I LOVE IT!!

  3. You are one of the most crafty people I know :)

    Love the nursery. . . if you lived any closer I would (putting it nicely) demand some help on decorating my house!! And then teach me how to sew. Okay I know the basics, just need a sewing machine and lots of practice!