Silver Dollar City

Look at us! A day of fun, riding rollercoasters. Little Liam, he just loves it!  We were so excited to get there that Chad didn't even take the time to change from his scrubs that he wears to work.  What's that white thing on the side you ask...oh, just part of the ride.  There were random refrigerators along the coarse of the rollercoaster.  The ride was called "Yo-Yo Diet rollercoaster".  I guess the refrigerators are supposed to be some sort of prop that they tie in with the theme.  Must be.  There were also large statues of Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, a soda waterfall, and you can't tell, but our seats were actually shaped like donuts and cupcakes...

...okay, you figuered me out.  So we didn't really go to silver dollar city.  We got a new computer and we were messing with some of the programs on it.  How could I pass up posting such a fun picture? :)


  1. I was getting all confused trying to figure out where this is considering we have been to SDC. You crack me up. Great photo!!!