It speaks for itself...

So I think I first noticed it Tuesday.  My stomach.  It just seemed fatter.  'Oh no', I thought, 'the time has arrived'.  Time to cut back on my beloved, daily ritual of chocolate ice cream and microwaved (for approximately 12 seconds) chocolate-chocolate chip-peanut butter chip with walnuts cookie dough.  (Am I making you hungry?)  But then I thought, 'Well, I did just eat.  Maybe it will flatten some more after some time.'

Fast forward to Wednesday night.  Brushing my teeth.  Nothing better to do, but stare at my self brush back and forth.  I turn to the side.  Gosh, still there!  But another excuse came to mind this time...


...and this is it.  And I think the blue line needs no explanation.  Round two begins.  I hope this time it sticks a little better.

*update...sooo, a friend of mine informed me that after a miscarriage, home tests aren't considered reliable because you're hormones could still be stabalizing for up to 3-4 months.  I hope this isn't the case and that I really am pregnant.  Cuz if not...well, that's just depressing...and that means that I've gotten fatter!  ha!


  1. Ahhhhhh!!! How wonderful!!! Yeeha!! Whoopeee!!! Waaahoo!! Congrats! I hope all goes wonderful for you!

  2. Congratulations!!!! We'll keep you in our prayers!