Just because.

No special occasion.  Just wanted to try out an idea.  This was the only one that halfway turned out.  In hindsight I would've done a few things different.  But then, that's why I try out my ideas...to continue to learn :)

Update:  this week's challenge over at i heart faces is props.  i used to do these challenges faithfully, but somehow i fell off the bandwagon.  i wanna start back up again.  it's a fun challenge for me to take a theme and see what i can come up with in 2 days.  normally i hate using old pictures, but yesterday and today have just been too busy.  so, i'm using an old picture...not too old...just not something i came up with in the last 2 days.  next challenge i hope to do better.



  1. He's such a pro at modeling.

  2. What a sweetheart! Love the bunting too. Did you make it?