"To be a better photographer...

...become a more interesting person." -Chris Orwig

Chris Orwig, a renowned photographer & photoshop guru.  He was featured on a youtube episode of Framed this past week.  If there were a theme to this episode, it would have been that we should never lose our other passions because we become so passionate about one thing.  He said that some of the most amazing photographers he's known are deeply passionate about other things- surfing, marine biology, biking, skating, etc.  In the episode he encouraged photographers to develop passion for many things and to bring those passions into their photography.  In honor of his episode, this week's challenge on Framed is "passion".  So...what am I passionate about?  Photography, of coarse.  But I'd be missing the point if I submitted something about photography.  So I began to think.  I realized that I've lost a lot of my passions.  I used to be deeply passionate about running & racing, early mornings, cooking, nutrition, reading (especially religious books), writing (my history & principles I was learning), teaching, organization.  Somehow motherhood & marriage, photography & a move cross country have wiped out my passions.  I'm practically sedentary, I eat dessert twice a day, journaling is less frequent, i sleep in.  See what I mean?  Well, I've decided to take back my passions.  And it began with the below journal entry.  This morning I went running.



  1. I love this photo and I love your message. I need to really look at something to be passionate about and really make time for it. As always, you are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

  2. I love this! You really are an inspiring woman. I want to take back more of my passions. And I think I will start working at it too :)