Long time no blog...

...at least it feels like that.  Blogging is a form a journaling for me...a less private sort of journaling. :)  And like journaling, I don't like getting too far behind & then I have to do a marathon summary of all the missed dates.

So today, in an effort to not get too far behind, I will update the world on our current events.  And that would be, well, really nothing.  I still have morning sickness, some days worse than others.  Nights are the hardest for me.  So we've spent a lot of time indoors.  I've spent a lot of time on the couch.  I'm hoping I only have a few more weeks of this.  I'm now about 11 weeks along.

But although life seems to be at a stand still for me, Liam continues to grow & be just as cute as can be.  He loves opening doors, flipping switches, buckling himself in, helping me clean, climbing EVERYTHING...still not much talking from this boy, but he gives the best kisses & loves cuddling with me & his furry blanket.  He also (as you can see from below) loves to feed himself.  Not sure why he purposely puts the spoon in his hair, but oh well.  


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