The nesting stage is on!

Must be that time again.  I have an insatiable need to organize, clean, decorate, etc. (I'm about 28 weeks along).
 The rooms that have been hit the hardest by my cleaning frenzy is my "studio" (if you can call it that, more like Michelle's play room), Liam's room (which will eventually house the new baby), & our bedroom.
In my studio, I've now organized all my backdrops & props, bought a wall mount system from some of my larger backdrops & have ordered a few new vinyl backdrops in wider sizes.  So far only the white backdrop has come in.
Here's a visual-
...and I promised a friend that I'd post some maternity pictures.  I've been dying to try out my new backdrop & I have no one to photograph, sooo... don't make fun of me Lacy if I'm a dork :)
...okay, I did get some subjects to photograph for like two seconds. My little monkeys. :)
...and for those of you who might be wondering, we will be naming the new baby...


  1. You are beautiful! What a fun room to have, I'm sure it will go to good use!