Our last hoorah! part 2

Our flight home was Sunday.  Timing made it difficult to get to church, so we were tourists for one more day, making our way down to St. Augustine.
To me, lighthouses are so romantic/'Anne of Green Gables'-ish.  I've never seen one in real life & even tried to convince Chad that a vacation to the New England states would be fun (partially because I've wanted to see/photograph a lighthouse).  Well, my wish came true.  I saw/photographed my first lighthouse...although I have to admit, I envisioned a lighthouse on a shore with sea crashing into rocks.  Still, beautiful.  I just think I'll still be fighting for that trip to New England. :)
This is the oldest fort in America...that's about all I remember.  We didn't go on the tour...but Liam tried to sneak in. I let my mother-in-law go catch him while I just took pictures of him running away. haha
Liam has been on this bouncing/jumping kick.
This was a quaint little alleyway of shops. It had a nautical & Spanish vibe to it. I love visiting places that make me feel like I'm in a totally different environment.  I wish I'd taken more pictures.
And what would this post be without highlighting a "choo choo train". One of many that we pointed out to Liam.
There's something so serene about the beach. The crashing of the waves, the smell that the sea air leaves on my hair and clothes, the billions of shells collectively making up the shore.
...and this is Liam. A friend recommended that I get a new toy for Liam for the plane ride. It was such a lifesaver! You can see him here with his Mater & Lightning McQueen.  He was totally consumed for most of the flight(s).

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