Max is born!

Wednesday night, I had a friend bring me dinner. I hadn't had a baby yet and I protested, but she said that if she did, I'd go into labor. I didn't suspect it'd really work! (Kerri- you purposely made that homemade salsa extra spicy, didn't you?! haha)

12:30 am- I wake up with some slightly painful contractions. Out of habit I reach for my iphone (I have an app that times contractions). Timing begins. 
5 minutes apart. 
4 minutes apart. 
3 1/2 minutes. 
3 minutes...3 minutes...3 minutes. 
I wake up Chad. Chad doesn't believe me. I get up and begin to gather my things. Chad believes me. 
Text Sheena. Sheena comes to our house to stay with Liam. 

1 am (ish)- We arrive at the hospital. I'm nervous that they'd tell me this is false labor again. They check me. I'm dilated to a 5. I'm still nervous I'm in false labor. (With Liam, I'd been begging for an epidural at a 5. This pain was still maneageable). 

2 am (ish)- We take to the hallways walking. 

2:50 am (ish)- Dilated to a 6. They call Dr. Meents. Yay! It's official! This is not false labor! Oddly, the pain is still manageable.  

4:30 am- Still tolerating the pain, but feeling a little nauseated. They order the epidural. 

5 am- I receive an epidural. Heaven! 

6:30 am- Still dilated to a 6...almost a 7. The contractions are slowing up since receiving an epidural. 

7:30 am (ish)- Dr. Meents breaks my water. 

Contractions still don't pick up. They give me a small amount of pitocin. 

10:26 am- Max Hyrum Guerra is born! 7 lbs. 10 ounces. 21 1/2 inches.



  1. congratulations! I love the name you chose too :)

  2. I just love how you are capturing such beautiful moments to tell your life story. Priceless. He is sooooo cute!