Chad's b-day

Happy 35 Chad! It was a fun day.
Jet skiing at Stockton lake while my family watched the boys.
Cake & ice cream with gift opening.
A marathon nap.
Movies- Brave (we had originally talked about Batman, but in light of the Colorado theatre massacre, we figured we'd play it safe with a nice disney flic).
The minute Liam saw the cake he began pointing & repeating "Eat". He wouldn't leave the cake's side until he got a piece. And yes, he had to help blow out the candles.
Before I mention the hat- I must say I love Chad's smile in these pictures. I fell in love with that smile...okay enough of the sappiness haha :) I like to joke that I got Chad hair for his birthday. We'd been eyeing this visor for about a year for a good gag gift when the right occasion presented itself. Well, I found the right occasion. I couldn't resist! Did I mention that we saw a man wearing this same type of visor at Disney World...except it was more of a brunette shade with blonde tips. Oh, and he was not wearing it as a joke.
And my last commentary- My decor for Chad's birthday was nothing brag worthy, but, the keyword is decor. I'm from a family that didn't get all fancy smancy for birthdays & it is so easy for me to fall into that same pattern. But I wanna change. I wanna make the day special by any means I can...even if it is a bunch of homemade signs hung with masking tape around the house, a cheap banner, cake & balloons from walmart purchased the night before & recycled gift bags. Next year I'll do better. But, yay me!  I'm making progress!

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