Christmas cookies (& grandpa's visit)

This year we had our friends, the Jacobs, over to help decorate sugar cookies. Do you like Liam's puddle of frosting, I mean cookie decorating? While decorating the cookies, our neighbors came Christmas caroling to our house. I invited them in for cookies, at which point I turned around to see Liam lapping up frosting from his cookie like a dog. So much for making our invite for cookies seem appealing.
And below is our mystery Christmas shape. We decided it looked more like a dress (although Chad later enlightened us that it was a reindeer), so our friend Karen made a lovely smiley face head to top the headless body.
And these pictures...my father in law came for a short visit. (He was actually here for the cookie decorating too...I just didn't get too many pictures). I thought it was funny- Liam never sits here at this side of the table, especially when he has a movie on! But he wanted to hang out by his grandpa.

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