Aunt Teline's awesome Christmas gift

My sister in law Teline had us this year for Christmas. I have to say she gave us awesome gifts. I'm horrible at gift giving, which kinda sucks for me because one of my husband's love languages is gifts (I'm referencing the book 5 love languages). Well her gift totally taught me. It was a well thought out, showed that she actually spent time thinking about our individual interests and it took time putting it together. It really meant a lot & I'm not just saying this in case she's reading this post ;)

And proof that her gift was awesome...this is Liam watching the "Doggy movie" that Teline made for him & Max. And believe me, he's been requesting it every time we get in the van to go somewhere. As you may also notice, he has started to bring his dogs along with him for the ride so he can have a dog like his aunt Teline.

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