Out of the mouth of babes...

I've been waiting for the day that Liam would finally start talking & now that he is, there's times when he just won't stop.  Here's a few things that has come out of the mouth of this "babe" of mine.

Scenario #1
The sacrament is being passed.  All is quiet.  Behind us are our friends the Duncans with all their kids.  My boys have been swapping toys with them.  Liam addressing one of them in his normal volume says, "This is Max.  Max is so cute!"

Scenario #2
Chad is downstairs watching the Little Mermaid with Liam & Max (their new favorite movie!).  It is the point in the movie where Ariel has just rescued prince Eric & they are washed up on the beach.  Ariel pushes a strand of hair back from Eric's forehead & says, "He's so beautiful".  Liam looks back a Chad, pushes an imaginary strand of hair back from Chad's head & exclaims, "You are so beautiful!".  Then he asks Chad, "Is Liam so beautiful?".  "Yes, Liam is so beautiful," Chad has to reply.

I just love my boys!

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