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So I've been pretty sick for awhile...for various reasons.

#1- Sometime at the beginning of last year I began getting sick. I'll spare you the details, but multiple doctor visits and a colonoscopy later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis this past January. I've been put on a low residue diet- basically that means I can't eat much fiber at all. I'm so sick of white bread! haha But I hope to get this under control and go into remission. I don't see a GI doctor until June. We'll see what he has to say.

#2- We've had just about every known sickness pass through our household this past month. And I was the recipient of all of them! Fevers, chills, horrible cough (still not completely over it in fact), aches, sinus infection, ear infections, nausea, drowsiness. Not fun, especially when you can't call in sick as a mom. I didn't get all these symptoms all at once, but rather just when I seemed to be getting better, I'd catch another bug. I was sick with one symptom or other for about 3 weeks.

#3- I'm pregnant! Much more joyous. I've been anxious to experience morning sickness (how many times can you say that?!) as a kind of a sign that the baby is healthy (the time I miscarried I wasn't having morning sickness). I've wanted to make sure the constant nausea I was feeling wasn't a culprit of either the colitis or the different bugs I've experienced this past month. Well I'm finally not sick & the colitis isn't as bad (apparently you have flare ups with ulcerative colitis when you get sick...this I learned the past month). I'm about 7.5 weeks along and the due date is October 17.


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  1. Congrats on the new pregnancy! So exciting!

    My husband David has UC... we learned a LOT the first year, including that a good GI doctor is worth his/her weight in gold. It was really frustrating for us trying to figure out what finally worked for him. So anyway, I'm sorry you have it, it's not fun, but if you ever have any questions we'd be happy to share what we've learned.