Wilkins Reunion 2014

Thank goodness for Aunt Shannon! She provided most of the entertainment for my boys. This included 4-wheelers & her Thomas train sets that she brought up. I never had to wonder where Liam was, because he was more than likely playing trains. And Shannon's Preston was also a godsend. He spent hours playing with the kids and setting up elaborate tracks for all of them.
Max, Collette (Reisner), Liam & Channing (Bitter)
All the uncles & aunts (Shannon, Josh, Cody, Royce & Kelsi) were really good about giving all the little kids rides on the quads.
Note- I do know that a "quad" is not a motorcycle. But my boys did not know that. So thus, I call 4-wheelers "motorcycles".
Rt- Ruby, the walking mess. This girl probably hates her Aunt Michelle. She's a definite mama's girl & when she was throwing a tantrum for Kyra, I'd go scoop her up & tell her, "Do you want to see you mama? Well, then you've got to stop crying." This usually calmed her tantrum :) But she is a cute mess...even with hair in her eyes.
Cousins playing in a make-shift fort.  Sadie (Reisner), Gracie (Cook), Liam
Grandpa Wilkins playing trains with my boys.
Some of the group- (left to rt)- Ryan (Bitter), Dallin (Wilkins), Ruth (Stock), Ethan (Wilkins), Kelsi (Adams), Becky (Johnson), Sydney (Johnson), Preston (Holm), Stuart (Johnson), Ruby (Cook), Kyra (Cook), Rajae & Harley (Stock)
Left- I know each of these boys might not look like each other, but they all have something in common. They all have been told they look a lot like my grandpa Wilkins. So of coarse, I had to get a picture of them all together. Coincidence that they were all wearing some variation of red & gray?? Hmm...

Rt- This is my cousin Dallin. All the kids loved him and gravitated towards him!  He doesn't look much like grandpa (although he looks a lot like his dad), but thought we better get a picture of him anyways :)
Lynnae (Bitter), Sheena (Reisner), Adrian (Reagan)
Mom, Shannon (holding Harley Stock) (Around the campfire, left to right) Payson (Reisner), Mom, Sadie (Reisner (in green)), Shannon (Adams), Alisha (Adams(Shannon's sister-in-law)), Josh (Adams), Josh's mom, Gracie (Cook), Flint (Wilkins), Ethan (Wilkins)
Ruby & Gracie got into their mom's lipstick.  Times like that, I'm glad to have just boys :)
Left- Uncle Ryan (Bitter) playing trains with Channing (Bitter) & Max. Right- Max was jealous that I was taking pictures of other people's kids (as you can see from above), so I had to get a picture of just him.

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