My favorite season

I love the fall! It is my favorite season. I love the way the air feels, the colors, the smells, the holidays, and the quiet peacefulness associated with it. For me, it represents a time in my life when I learned to submit my will to the Lord's. In that time period, as the seasons transitioned from summer to fall, my soul also underwent a change. Nature seemed to be calming down. The planting & toiling of the field was over and the quiet satisfaction of the harvest entering. It invited a stillness with it, and one that my own heart seemed to echo. For me autumn now serves as an annual memorial to take time to be still.

I can't think of a better way to be still and draw close to the Lord than to hear the words and messages of a prophet and the apostles. How thankful I am for this opportunity every October to listen to them as we watch General Conference. I know the Lord answered some of my questions and prayers through counsel given in conference.

Maybe it's the home economics teacher in me, but I get so excited about any special event and the chance I have to create new traditions associated with it in our own little family. And of coarse, what better way to commemorate any special event than with good food. I got up early that morning and made multi-grain & nut pancakes and I had prepared snack food the day before for between sessions of conference. All in all, it was a day of both physical and spiritual feasting where we felt the satisfaction of full bellies & full hearts.


  1. I should of went to your house for conference, not only does the food look good, I did not get much out of conference this year. No, not because my kids but by a couple a little older that doesn't know how to listen! Very frusterating. And my byutv wasn't working so we had no choice but to watch it at mom and dad's.

  2. I meant to comment before but I was in a hurry. I love the pics. It makes me miss you guys so much though. I am sad I couldn't be there with you guys to share in the events. Your table is real cute. Take some pics of you and your house, I want to see what it looks like. . and Whitney doesn't have a blog but I'll have to remember to take my camera over to her house so I can get some pics.

  3. We are even! I didn't know you had a blog :)

    My pregnancy was a surprise. We didn't think we really wanted any more kids. I don't do pregnancy well. It's really hard on me. . . we are happy, just shocked.

    Congrats on the baby boy! My guess is boy for us too. Do you have names picked out. Sad day for me because I look about as far along as you and I am only starting my 4th month. . . I show sooner each time.

    Although I will admit it's nice having a reason to not care about how big I look LOL! The one thing I love about being pregnant!

  4. Oh camera! How much do you want to spend? I am getting a new camera too, just saving a few pennies! But if I know your price range I can help better!

  5. So I am glad you are feeling better. I am sicker than a dog, and have six months left. I am SO SO SICK for the ENTIRE nine months. Which is why I don't think I can handle having any more kids. My other two are so neglected right now. rough days ahead. . .