The Nesting Stage

From what I understand, every expectant mother goes through a stage before giving birth where they clean, decorate, organize, etc. in preparation for their new arrival. This phenomenon is know as the nesting stage. When I think of this stage pictures of pastel paints, stuffed animals, cribs and pillows come to mind.

Last week as I was talking with my sister Shannon and telling her about all the projects I'd taken on, she laughed and said, "Michelle, you're in the nesting stage". I didn't think this was possible since I don't even own any baby stuff yet, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I am. My "nesting", is just a little unconventional. It hasn't consisted of baby blue, cuddly animals, & petite clothes, instead it has been sanding, painting, picking out staples & seam allowances, cutting, sewing, & using a staple gun. (Oh, and don't worry. I took the necessary precautions when painting)

Below are some of the pictures of the projects that I've finished so far.

My mom built this potato box awhile ago, but I've never had the time or space to finish the wood. Staining it was the first project I took on.

This cedar chest was a Christmas present one year. My mom also made this & had finished it with polyurathane giving it a natural wood finish. I wanted the wood darker & to look a little worn. This was my 2nd project. I don't think the picture does the cedar chest justice though.

My in-laws gave us their old dresser set. They were in great condition, they just didn't match our bedroom. Originally I wanted to stain it like the cedar chest, but the dressers were made from particle board with wood & laminate veneers, so I had to paint instead. These were my 3rd project(s). Here's some before & after pics.

My in-laws also gave us their old couch, love seat & ottoman. They were also in good condition, just didn't match our stuff once again. Originally I was going to sew a slip cover, but somehow that evolved into me taking on my first re-upholstering job. My mom has experience upholstering furniture. She was going to help me, but because she's been so busy, I ended up doing everything on my own. This was my 4th project.

My 5th project- still a work in progress...

...to be continued.


  1. Looks great! Once you start it's hard to stop!!

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    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Wow Michelle you are so talented! What beautiful furniture you have created! We are so happy to hear that you guys are doing well!

  3. Hey Michelle! Your stuff looks great! Who knew you were a reupholsterer? Maybe you should send those in to my blog!