Chunky goodness of the lovey kisses of the greatest reward (my title is dedicated to Traci)

Liam is getting so chunky! The most frequent regarding him is "he doesn't miss a meal". He is now 3 months, but has outgrown 3 month clothing. He wears 6-9 month old clothing and last week he weighed in at 16.6 pounds and 25 inches. Time for a picture update.


  1. Okay...he is adorably cute. What a chub chub.
    Loved your thoughts.

  2. I just love Liam! He is one cute baby!!

  3. He IS so chunky....so cute. I love when babies get their chubby rolly bodies--and then kissing them all over.

  4. Michelle,
    He IS a lovey kiss face of the snuggliest buggiest boo bear. Can't wait to meet him. I really want to find you sometime the first week in September when I drive across the country...I'm working on it.

    Wow, to hear about Sheena...this is the third baby I've heard about among family and friends that has disabilities. Wow. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

    Lastly, I saw Jamen today. Seeing him makes me miss you. He said something so cute that I wanted to share. He said, "Some times I wish I could just talk to Meesh..." He said it in a way that was just so repectful of the kind of woman you are. He knows and is so grateful you are happily married, but appreciates how you listen...sweet.

    Anyways...this is more like an e-mail than a comment. But, hey...Love your gutts and miss you. Oh, and I also thinking about you every time I read (or sleep)outside on the grass next to my house.