Pray for my sister Sheena and her family

This last Monday I had a pediatrician appointment for Liam. We were at the front desk filling out paperwork when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around to find my sister Sheena and brother-in-law Bradley. They were just leaving the doctors office. They were going to find out the sex of their baby that day and our whole family was eager with anticipation.

"What are you having?", I asked. Then I noticed something wrong. Sheena's face was red and tears were in her eyes. One of them answered that they were having a girl. "What's wrong Sheena? You didn't want a girl." Sheena couldn't speak, she was so overcome with emotion. All she could do was shake her head. "What's wrong," I repeated. "Is the baby okay?" Bradley said, "Oh, we'll tell you later." Now I was getting emotional. "Bradley, is the baby okay?" That's when I found out the complications. Bradley and Sheena had not only found out they were having girl, they'd also found out it's organs were growing on the outside of it's body and that their baby had fluid on the brain. They would need to see a specialist to find out more.

They've since learned that in addition to the other complications, the left side of it's brain is abnormally larger than the right. There's technical terms, but the gist of it all is that they suspect some chromosome defect or an extra chromosome. They are testing the amniotic fluid to learn more. And now they wait for two weeks til they learn more. If the baby has an extra chromosome, the baby will die. They doctors said abortion is an option, but of coarse, the Reisners refuse to take that route. Sheena may have to carry her baby full term knowing that it may only live an hour. Other possibilities, the baby doesn't have an extra chromosone and it will indefinately have to undergo surgeries and it may have some mental retardation. Pray for my sister and her family.

To hear Sheena's side of the story or to leave a nice comment, visit her blog HERE.


  1. Oh man. I've had friends that have had all of those things happen, just not all at once. I feel so bad for them! I will definitely pray for them.

  2. I am crying reading this.

    We were told Isaac's brain had swelling on his brain. . . turned out he just had really big ventricles on his brain! But we went for months thinking he had down's syndrome or hydrocephalus. But if it is hydrocephalus, there is a man in our ward who has hydrocephalus and is perfectly fine, just has had surgeries dealing with the shunts in his head to keep the fluid draining. But he has a PHD, a family, nicest guy. Just a little fyi with the fluid on the brain.

    And hopefully the other parts can be cured with surgery. They will be in our prayers for sure. And being in the emotional state I am right now I am sure there will be many tears for her from me. Love you guys!

  3. I am glad that I followed the spirit and left that comment for your sister. I hope both of you will continue to find comfort.

  4. Hey one of my favorite photoblogs. . . I will leave the links here, in case sheena wants to look at them. . . or doesn't :)

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