Vacation part 2- NYC

Okay, here's part two of our vacation.  We had soo much fun!  Not only was I able to see a good friend, but we were able to see some neat places and eat wonderful New York food (we ate like paupers in DC so we lived it up a little more in NY).  (Once again, there's a LOT of pictures in this post).

Grand Central Station-

Wicked! (we put our names in for the lottery and both Chad AND me got drawn!!  In fact, Chad was the first name drawn.  Boy were we surprised and excited.  Front row seats, tickets normally over $100  for only $26!) Traci and me won the lottery a few years back and I loved seeing Wicked, especially from the front row!  I'd dreamed of having the same experience with Chad but thought the odds were that that'd never happen.  What a tender mercy!  (Chad and Traci's cousin Marisa waiting for the drawing of the lottery to begin).

(just to get an idea of how close we were :)  You can see the stage and orchestra pit in the below pictures)

New York hotdogs (Gray's Papaya)-

Time Square-

Rockfeller Center

Two of Chad's favorite things- legos & apple :)  So of coarse we had to go in the stores...and it gave Liam a break from the cold.

My friend Traci's parents are the president and matron of the New York City temple.  Their apartment is just around the corner from the temple and near Juillard & the Lincoln center seen below.  

These were the only two pictures I got of Traci :(  We were going to take more, but we ran out of time.  I love this girl!!  She's just one of those friends that help you become a better version of yourself and she's one of the coolest people I know...maybe the coolest...way more cool than me for sure.  Thank you Traci for being such a gracious host!  It was therapudic and good for my heart to see you.

I just wanted a picture with a subway sign :)

Brooklyn Bridge-

The Statue of Liberty-

Ground Zero-

Lombardi's- the first pizzeria in America

Cheesecake in Little Italy (after bargain shopping for purses & scarves on Canal St)

Union Square- (this dessert looked like something I had in Vigo, Spain that I loved...but it wasn't...still good though)

Listening to a subway singer-

New York bagels-

On our way home.  Farewell New York.  We miss you!


  1. this looks so fun! you two deserve a fun trip like this! the lego part reminded me of chad. The two things I remember about him growing up is that he played soccer with me when no one would and he had lots of legos! ha ha! It's fun to see that he still likes them! looks like alot of memories were made, and your pictures are beautiful. What a fun time of year to visit.

  2. Oh Michelle, my dream trip. It looks like so much fun! Next time I'll hide in your suitcase. DC and NYC; great pictures!

  3. Michelle what a fun trip! Thanks for your thoughts on my blog, I appreciate everything you said. We were in NYC for the Thanksgiving holiday so we must have been leaving NYC heading to DC while you were leaving DC heading to NYC ha! I love your pictures and your cute little boy. And EXCUSE me you are very beautiful and photogenic. I always wondered what it would feel like to be tall, blonde, and beautiful just like my cousins :)

  4. Fun fun!! and you got to see Traci - so cool!!

  5. Thanks for coming to visit! I'm so glad we got to catch up in person. Love you, Meesh!