I Heart Faces/ Smile


Took this one today in the snow storm that is passing through.

And changing the subject...a friend asked me a little while back what this "I Heart Faces" thing is that I'm always posting about.  I guess I just assume because I know, everyone else does too...whoops.  So a brief explanation.  It's a website that posts a weekly photography challenge every Monday.  The challenge closes on Tuesday.  The theme of the challenge changes every week.  Winners are picked every Saturday.

I've loved doing it every week because it stretches my creativity as I think how I'll capture the week's theme.  And I feel the consistent practice has improved my skills so much!

And, let me just go off on a tangent for a bit...at BYU I took a architecture/interior design class.  The professor said the best way to develop good taste in design is to be exposed to good design.  I think that applies to so many areas...including photography.  There's all sorts of skill levels entering the contests each week.  I see my past self in some of the beginners...and I see others' work that I aspire to be more like.

So, photography lovers, whether you have a point and shoot or a nice dslr, go check them out!  Use 'em to develop your talents and skills too! (the button below is linked to their site.)


  1. Oh this is too sweet. I love the expression.

  2. What a sweet smile! I love it! :-)

  3. So cute! I love his dimple! His smile reminds me of my little guy's. :)

  4. Snow here too! Isn't it beautiful? Great shot!!

  5. I love looking at all of the pictures you do for the challenges. Keep posting them :)