I Heart Faces {Best Face Photo January}

It's a toss up...but I love this winking, chocolatey cheeks picture of my niece...and while I'm on the subject of nieces, I'm gonna tell you a little story about my nephew...kind of related, right?

So, I serve in the primary at church.  Each Sunday we spotlight a different primary child.  Yesterday, I just happened to draw Payson, my nephew, for the spotlight.  When a child is draw, they get to tell us who their favorite scripture hero is.  Typical responses are Nephi, or Daniel, or the 2000 striplings warriors.  But Payson's response was a little different.

Me:  Payson, what is your favorite scripture hero?

Payson (without hesistation & a completely straight face):  Umm, God.

Pretty good "scripture" hero...no explanation needed...end of conversation...I love my calling :)


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  1. So darling!!! Chocolate...worth the messy face every time!!!