Flowers | I Heart Faces

I started life with a bias.  My eyes are green.  I always thought it made me unique and for that, I liked the color green.  But the real turning point was in my 6th grade art class.  The art room had green vibrant cupboard doors the color of grass lining one wall of the classroom.  It was then that I first remember admiring the color.  It felt so clean, fresh, and simple.  And from then on green has been my favorite color.

'Tis the season of green right now here in Missouri.  I may miss some things from the west, but one thing Missouri has that the west will never have is the color green.  And I love it!




Oh, and if you haven't guessed it, this week's challenge is "May flowers".  These flowers are from a field behind my house.  


  1. What a pretty little white solo flower.

  2. Yo Dawg. Long time no talk... er... write. Well either really. Did you guys end up camping ever?

    Have I ever mentioned I wish we lived closer. :)

    love the pictures.