Mother's Day

We spent the afternoon out on the farm with my family.  We ate homemade cafe rio...Liam got to play with cousins and practice his stair climbing abilities without hands.



Then we made a little excursion in the farm truck to check out the corn my dad planted.  (This dog is usually in front of the truck...I'm still amazed he hasn't gotten himself run over).



Cody drove this and the farm truck...with us in it.  He did pretty good :) Especially for someone who strains to see over the steering wheel.


And Liam got a tractor ride from grandpa.





And I guess this is the part (even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the pictures) where I say how much I love my mom.  I appreciate my mom a lot more now that I am a mother.  I wish I were more like her.  Growing up, I was embarrassed about how messy our house would get and I made a lot of foolish promises to myself about how I'd do this and that different when I was a wife and mother.  But now I see that maybe things weren't always the cleanest, but there sure was a lot of love and fun in our home.  Most of that was because of my mom.  And now I ask myself, 'how did my mom do this?...how did my mom do this with eight kids?!?'  I still don't have all the answers, but I'm thankful for her love and I'm thankful for her example.  

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  1. You do have a wonderful Mom. I wish I was more like her too. When she puts her mind to something, she can do anything! She is really quite talented!