Thanksgiving 2011

All of my family, with the exception of my sister Kyra who had a working husband, went out of town for Thanksgiving.  It was kind of depressing.  But, we wanted to make the best of it.  I craved watching the Macy's day parade.  Chad craved the food.  We both craved a little vacation.  So...
We had a modest Thanksgiving day feast.  I watched the Macy's day parade as I made the final preparations for lunch/packing.

We ate.

 We cleaned up.

 We left for Branson.

It was nice holiday.  More than anything, I think it was a learning experience.  The things I/we learned-

1.  Pyrex & Corelle do not count as fine china.  (I'd like some pieces of nice serving dishes to make special meals feel more like an event).
2.  Entertaining a toddler in a hotel room is a lot more difficult than at home.
3.  Exciting destinations are more fun than exciting resorts.
4.  Learn the back roads of Branson.
5.  We enjoy baking together (Chad helped with all the pies the night before.  Didn't he do great?).
6.  Take more pictures than just at Bass Pro.
7.  Liam is really obsessed with trains.

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