Jonathan's visit

Chad's brother Jonathan just got home from his mission that he served in Brazil.  We had the privilege of having him make a stop here in Missouri before he headed out to BYU for school!  The only problem- I came down with the flu the very day that he flew in!  Poor guy.  I mean, I know there's not a ton to do in Bolivar, MO...but having to hang out with the sick sister-in-law all day that can't do much more than lay there.  But he was a good sport.  We caught him up on a few movies (mostly Pixar) and he had plenty of time to search the web.  Oh, and he got caught up on all his dental work.  I'm sure nights when Chad got home were a little more exciting for him.  The weather was beautiful and we'd spend time on the porch playing cards, Chad & him would throw around a football, play with Liam, yada yada yada.    Anyways, here's a few pictures that I got on one of those nights when I was feeling a little better.  

Ironically, I was feeling much better the day he left. His flight was out of Kansas City so we stopped by a few church history sites before dropping him off at the airport. Here's a few pics from the Independence Visitors' Center...
...and Liberty Jail...
...and then it was goodbye at the airport.
Wish I hadn't been sick, but it was so much fun to have him!!!

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