Wannabe soccer mom

I don't actually have a child in soccer, but Chad is co-coaching a YMCA team this year. I kinda volunteered him. Kinda. He likes to joke that he's the creepy guy coaching that doesn't even have a child playing. Oh well. Practice for next year :)

In the meantime, Liam thought he could be out there on the field with all the kids and his dad. I had to keep chasing him down. He threw a fit after one of those times. So I said, "Okay, you stay there and cry. Mama is going to go play with your choo-choos." And he obeyed. He stayed there and cried. You could see is little lower lip pouting from a mile away. So I took pictures...while he cried.
...then later I found out that he actually had a reason for crying. So then I made him sit on my lap so I could take more pictures of him.
And Max, what was he doing during much of this ordeal? He was busy trying to get through a plastic baggie to Liam's sandwhich. So I laughed...and took pictures of him. Gosh, I'm such a good mom!
(this look says too me- "What? I'm not doing anything weird.")
Cute little Tyler Duncan let Liam where his hat.  Liam loved it.

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