7 month olds

You'd think me being a photographer, I'd be on top of getting the typical landmark pictures- newborn...3 month...6 month...1 year. I think I missed formal 3 month pics. October flew by! So no 6 month pictures. So 7 months. Here they are.
The funny thing about Liam is he resists taking pictures unless someone else is getting their pictures taken. In fact, the last senior pictures I took, he ran down into my studio and stood in the background with one of his cars as if it were totally normal to have a toddler in your senior pictures. So Liam got some, um, 33 month old pictures.
And this is a totally random one. I was getting changed to go to the YMCA and things seemed quiet in the living room...apparently for a reason. This same day Liam wrote on my kitchen table with a pen (which I might add, don't try to take out pen with hairspray if varnish is involved. Hairspray + varnish = not good). There were other mischievous acts but, my mind is currently drawing a blank. Oh Liam!

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