Giveaway on Bella Lulu Ink!!

The other day I was checking out my stats on etsy & I noticed that I was getting some traffic from some blog called Bella Lulu Ink.  What the?!  I had to see what this was all about.  I was so flattered to see that this blogger had included one of my designs in her "top 5 list" of the week!

'Who is this Bella Lulu Ink girl anyways,' I wondered.  So I did a little etsy stalking & found out that her name is Chelsea and that she's an amazing web/graphic designer...& that she's a fellow midwesterner (is that a word???).  To top things off, we only live about 2.5 hours apart!  How random, no?!

So, that leads us up to today.  Today I'm offering a free giveaway on her blog.  Go check it out!!  Not only because there will be one lucky winner...but also because we both would soooo love the support to our newly founded etsy stores. Chelsea is pretty awesome too.  That'd be another good reason to check out our giveaway. :)

And just to wet your appetite a bit to get you over to her blog, facebook page &/or etsy store...here's a few of her designs!

A few of her premade blog designs...
And some of her premade logos...

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