Spain- Vitoria, day 3

Sunday was our 3rd day in Spain & we got to go to Vitoria. I spent 6 months of my mission in this city. It's a special city to me. It felt like a pivotal point for me as a missionary and as a person.

It was so awesome to get to go to church & see a lot of familiar faces! Some remembered me. Others didn't. It has been 10 years, so I can't blame them.

 Chad and me saw some pretty amazing things while in Spain, but both of us agree that this day was our favorite.

Below- us with some members of the ward in Vitoria.  Sadly, some left before I got my camera out. Maitane (rt. of Chad), Javier (left of me, who is now married to a wonderful girl- Marcía (who looks so familiar to me...but we were having a hard time figuring out if she was there when I was), & I can't for the life of me remember the other name right now & I keep forgetting to ask Chad!
Javier's family, Rafa & Beni (Oh, I hope I'm spelling their names right!) invited us to lunch at their restaurant.  Oh my goodness!!!  It was soooo good!!  And it was soooo fun talking to them!! They just make people feel so welcome & comfortable around them.  Chad & me still talk about how cool they were.  It's people like that that make us want to move to Spain.

Pan & Alubias
Flan & Arroz con Leche
I'm so sad that I didn't get another picture of all of us there eating! I just got this panoramic which kinda distorts everyone...
...But I did get a video of them explaining how to make arroz con leche. This may be the most entertaining to those who know anyone in the video or that have a love for hearing real spanish like I do.
While visiting, someone asked me who I had taught while I was in Vitoria.  I mentioned a woman named Miorara (once again, I hope I'm spelling it right!).  She was from Romania, so I figured she was long gone & back in Romania.  To my surprise, she was still in Spain!  Next thing I knew, Marcía was on the phone arranging things with Miorara so we could meet up! 

We met in front of the Catedral Nueva (a place that I'd literally pass every single day!).

Below- me, Alexandra (who was only 7 or 8 when I first met her), Marian, & Miorara.

Miorara & Alexandra were both baptized, but it was the transfer after I left Vitoria.
Once again, great food & great company!!
Antonio was an addition that I met for the first time this trip.  He's such a cutie with lots of energy like our Liam.  He made us miss our boys!
Does anyone else see Vanessa Hudgens?  Alexandra is a beautiful girl!
Miorara.  Another beauty.  Oh, how I love this lady!  It was sooo good to see her!!
The family...minus one that had already gone to bed :)

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  1. Sorry I keep commenting, but I love these posts! The video was great, and made me miss my friend, Marcia. Oh how I love Miorara and her family! Alexandra is so beautiful and old! Where's the little girl?! Thanks for helping me reconnect with them on FB!