Green Chili Burritos, Pickles, & a Peanut

As our little "peanut" (as we lovingly began to call our baby) continued to grow and develop, some other things within me also began to appear. #1- An acute sense of smell. Chad has joked that if I were a superhero, my super power would be my sense of smell. In our apartment in Utah, I kept smelling something really potent, but I couldn't figure out what it was. One day I'd had enough and decided to discover the source of the smell. I opened the fridge and took a deep inhale and gagged at the pungency. I began picking up individual jars and containers of food and smelling them. Finally, towards the back of the fridge, I came across a big jar of minced garlic. I found the culprit! Little did I know that my sense of smell was so strong that something in a closed refrigerator could contaminate the air in the whole apartment for me. I proceeded to enclose the jar in a Ziploc bag and then double bag it in garbage sacks. Then like magic, the odor disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

The second super power that I began to develop with this pregnancy has been my very distinctive food cravings. One night I was so hungry, but absolutely nothing sounded good to me. Then ding, out of nowhere the thought of a green chili burrito from Taco Bell entered my mind and I knew what I wanted. I hadn't eaten at Taco Bell in probably over ten years! Chad, being a supportive husband, went and bought me some burritos. But this wouldn't be the only night. The Taco Bell drive-thru worker soon became acquainted with Chad and would even ask about me and how my pregnancy was going. I also took a liking to a particular brand of baby dill pickles- Steinfeld pickles. Unfortunately, Chad also developed a taste for my beloved pickles and one night finished the jar off. On my next trip to the grocery store, I was shocked to find they no longer carried Steinfeld pickles. We searched other grocery stores in vain for Steinfeld or another comparable pickle, but to no avail. Happily, my in laws found a grocer that carried my favorite pickles and bought them for me as an early birthday present.

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