Here are a few random pics of some fun things we've done so far here in Missouri...

One lazy afternoon we got to examining these strange pods growing on a nearby tree. Somehow our curiosity turned into a game we invented of pitching them off the porch and trying to hit them with a bat from the yard below.

Using the self timer at Stockton Lake...

Our first trip to the St. Louis temple...8 hours round trip.

My belated birthday cake...

...and then later that afternoon with another expectant mother (no, not dad, the cow!).


  1. I love that picture of Payson and Sadie looking off of the deck. I want that one.
    That last post was a good comparision of Adam and Eve. You always have a good way with comparing.

  2. I love the Missouri Temple! I am glad that you finally made it back. How is the new house? Cool pictures too!