Utah summer pics

The other day I told Chad that I almost feel like I didn't experience summer this year, because a big chunk of it was spent sick indoors. However, as I look over my pictures, we did get to do some fun things. Below are an assortment of random events from (mostly) the summer.

On mother's day, Chad & I spoke in church. His mom, grandma, and Jonathon came to hear us speak and we had dinner for them afterwards. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of everyone on this day.

Brittany had just gotten home from her mission in Taiwan and this was the day she gave us all sorts of cool gifts!

The only picture I have from the 4th of July this year :(

We had so much fun having weekly movies nights at our place with Chad's family. Before my morning sickness kicked in, we would have 'Dinner and a Movie'. We made fun things for dinner such as sushi, Cafe Rio and the pictures below are us making our own pizza! Yum!

Enjoying being with family at the Robinson's house after attending the homecoming of their son Nathaniel.

Chad's pizza-pool-birthday party

Hangin'out in our empty, boxed up apartment :(

Two of my old students and their family came over to go swimming at our pool. Afterwards we ate spaghetti and watched Madegascar 2 on our projector.

Saying good-bye to my good friend Traci before we moved. Isn't she beautiful!

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