39 weeks

I wanted to get one last picture of me as a pregnant lady. I'm 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant...can't tell that I'm anxious, can you? I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. We'll see what he says. I know that my chances of having this baby before my due date are slim, but can't a girl hope?


  1. I feel like I speak for everyone who has ever been pregnant when I say you are NOT allowed to look that good 39 weeks pregnant!!! Seriously, NOT ALLOWED!

  2. Michelle, you look really cute! Pregnancy treats you well!

  3. Ditto to Lindsey's comment :)

    Well I have picasa, but not any fancy editing programs. But don't worry they are on my list of things to get SOMEDAY!

    That was supposed to be what our tax return went to this year. Camera and photoshop. . . but we need new floors. So I will have to wait a few months or year. . . We can do some learning together. I still have a long way to go!

    I have a couple months to go still. I am only 28 weeks. BUT both of my kids came early. 2 weeks for isaac 3 for ainsley. SO I am hoping I have 10 or less weeks left.

    Seriously Michelle you look AMAZING! Can't wait to see pictures of Mr Liam!

  4. Oh I do still have the morning sickness thing going on. . . and my first time getting heartburn. I have never in my life had heartburn until this kid.

    I am also lucky and have Pubic Symphysis Diastasis. Which just is fancy for saying I can barely walk, without massive pain, and I CANNOT stand on one leg. Which just means climbing into the car is fun, or no standing up to put on pants.

    Other than that I am doing good! So glad I am finally in the downward slope.

    I actually have an appointment to see a midwife next week. The cost of the birthing center vs hospital is more than half. . . and seeing as I need new floors, and WANT a new camera, I kind of am leaning toward the natural route :)

  5. I figure I have almost made it without an epidural :) With ainsley I was a 7 when I got to the hospital and they RAN around like mad people to get the anesthesiologist in there. I was numb for hours after she was born :)

    So I want the whole story. You can e-mail me if you want.

    But my labors are pretty short. With ainsley I went from a 2 (which I had been for weeks) to a 9 in just about five hours. . . a little less.