The rest of my Christmas pics

So I still have some pictures from Christmas that I haven't loaded. Last time I tried, it kept messing up, so I put it off for another day...then I forgot about it. So here they are, finally.

We took this before Chad and I headed out to Utah because the whole family was there.

All the girls.

All the boys.  I love how Chad is the only one that looks posed for a picture.  All the pictures his mom takes has trained him well.

Okay, so I cheated on this picture.  We didn't actually take this picture before Christmas, but the ones we did take of Sheena & Bradley's family didn't turn out as good.  If you haven't noticed, I'm still learning how to take good family/group pictures where everyone is in focus.  Live and learn.

The Cooks.

Shannon & Preston.

Mom and dad.

Okay, here's some more from our time in Utah.  Chad and I stayed with my cousins, the Rowleys.  These were some pictures I took at there house during a family dinner.

Robert, Bridget...and um...I can't remember their daughter's name right now.  Well, let's just say, The Bentleys.

Uncle Ty & Aunt Malinda.

Aaahh, what loving cousins.

These two just got engaged.  Congratulations Tiffany!

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