A month of cuteness!!!

It's hard to believe that almost a month has gone by since I gave birth to our little Liam (this Tuesday he'll be one month old). He's getting so big (the newborn clothes and diapers don't seem awkwardly oversized and he's starting to occasionally smile)! We've taken sooo many pictures as you will see from below.


  1. I love it...I love it...I love it!

    It's so great to see the baby pictures. I have been dying to see more since you last wrote.

    Motherhood is very becoming on you. I can tell you are very comfortable in this new role. You have such a glow! I can't wait until I can meet this little guy...so handsome! It's hard to tell if he looks more like the Wilkins or Guerra side, but all the same he is beautiful. I love the hair.

    Anyways, take care!



  2. Oh Michelle! He is so adorable!! It looks like you are just loving that baby and your family. I'm happy for you! I agree with the previous comment..you have such a glow-you are a beautiful Mom!

  3. One handsome dude!

    I hope this little one of mine has hair like Liam's. Is it too much to ask for a baby of mine to have some hair :)

    In Ainsley's defense she had more hair than Isaac. A nice Mohawk really, but it started in the middle of her head not where a hairline should start.

  4. Those pictures are adorable. Every single one. Why was Cody wearing a mask? Was he sick?

  5. I'm in LOVE with that dark hair!!! (My babies are always bald) Great pics...You look AWESOME!!! Congrats again. I agree with Adriane, you look very comfortable in your new role as mother. Then again, I knew you would, being the oldest child yourself.

  6. Man you are going to have sooo many pictures of your kids. I'm jealous because I don't even think to take my camara out and regret it later. Think of all the pictures you'll have of him after 1 year!