Camera bag

Have you heard of the Ephiphanie bags?  My friend Lacy and me have been drooling over them!  She loves the red lola and I love the teal clover.  In fact, she keeps me updated on any giveaways/contests that are going on with the ephipanie bags.  Why would we keep tabs like this?  Have you also seen the price of the ephipanie bags?  I guess if I had a product so cool, I'd charge a lot too.  Being that I just bought a new lens, my dream for a cute camera bag must wait...or does it??

I got this crazy idea that maybe I could make my own cute camera bag.  I found this bag at walmart for $12 (sorry, this is a cell phone picture)

And after 2 broken needles, seam ripping galore, foam tearing, and cotton stuffing...viola!

another after shot...

 another angle (contents- 1 camera with lens attached, 70-200mm lens, a fisheye attachment & cell phone, and room for one more lens) :)...

and on my shoulder (don't ask about my hair...at least it's not in a ponytail)...

and an after shot of my living room (the glue, foam, and ripped apart bag are my mess...the clothes i blame on the baby)...

oh, and the brunt of the work done here (this also became a sanctuary for any object that my son attempted to eat while i was hard at work.  did i mention that my son unknowingly snuck in a bite of velcro with his breakfast.  i wondered why he was gagging.  i didn't find the velcro til he spit it out in the bath) :)

Sometimes I ask myself, why do I even try.  Maybe the $150 for the bag is worth it :)  Well, gotta go clean up!


  1. Man, if only I could sew :)

    I have my eye on the kelly more bags. . .

  2. Did you see the tutorial on lil blue boo about doing this very thing?


    It's a little late for this time around, but if you ever want to make another then it might come in handy!