Thinking Pink...& Angie & Amy Favorite

I'm thankful for the I heart faces challenge this week. Number one- it's fun to be a "Angie & Amy pick", but more importantly, it's made me "think pink" this week. Fitting that this morning my sister Shannon called me to tell me about a friend of ours that was diagnosed with breast cancer. This woman's name is Shannon Sevison. I didn't know her as well as my sister Shannon (I know, a lot of Shannon's in this post), but I didn't have to to love her.
 The scriptures talk about taking care of the widows...in my eyes, a single mom is today's equivalent to the widows. So anytime someone took care of my sister Shannon and my little nephew Preston, I loved and respected them. This woman Shannon served my sister Shannon ALL THE TIME! In fact, this woman would always invite my sister to join city league basketball teams with her (something my sister loved!) and when Shannon didn't have the money for it, she paid for her!  I don't know many woman personally that have dealt with breast cancer (Shannon makes two) but those that I do know are so brave.  I admire them and hope that I can be more like them.  Thank you for your examples.    

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