I'm shocked!!

I won this week's photography challenge on I Heart Faces!  I'm honestly stunned.  There were so many good entries and I never win anything!!  Thank you judges for choosing me and thank you i heart faces for stretching me with photography!

Here's what the judges had to say about my photo-

As food bloggers, this photo caught our eye immediately.  It’s beautiful! The lighting is superb and we loved how the fresh green shade of the asparagus pops in the otherwise neutral colored photo.  The shot is focused as to draw the eye to the delicate details of the steak, asparagus and right up to the mushroom.  The styling of the plate is also fantastic.  One key to good food styling is to make it look like it wasn’t styled!  We loved how natural and rustic the dish looked while at the same time being very sophisticated.  The added bonus is that it all looks delicious! – Sara & Kate

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  1. Wow, Michelle! Congratulations! It really is a great picture. I loved the chalk-drawing photo that you posted a while ago, too! You have a really cool artistic perspective.