Birthday boy

Okay, this is the last post for the day...promise.

 Today was Liam's birthday.  He turned one.  Chad and I can still hardly believe it.  It seems like we were just barely going to the hospital to have him.  But what a year it has been!  We sure love this little guy to pieces.

We're constantly amazed at how his personality continues to emerge!  For example, today I really wanted to get some cute, more posed looking pictures to mark his first birthday.  I couldn't get him to sit still.  I think he thought it was a game...run away from mom and her camera...or better yet, try to grab the camera.  Oh well, I got some lovely pictures of his feet.  I did, however, get some lovely shots when his dad was rocking him in the rocking chair.  Don't ask me why he doesn't have any clothes on.  Chad was watching him.    


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