Liam's First Birthday

This is a little video I made of some of the footage/pictures we got from him eating his cake.

(And yes, as you can tell from all the flashes, I am a camera happy mom.)

Here's a few more pictures.

#1- My attempt to make a backdrop and capture some cute pics of Liam...all I could catch were his feet.


#2- My mother in law will appreciate these. She loves BYU and has enough school spirit for the whole university. With that in mind, guess what had to be in his birthday package from her...yep, a BYU ball. (Which I might add, he absolutely loves!...oh, and do you like my backdrop? Bet you can't guess who got us that...) :)



  1. I love it! He is so adorable. He has amazing taste too, German Chocolate is my all time favorite cake. Happy Birthday Liam!

  2. Liam is so cute! I appreciate the BYU picts!! So adorable. I wish I had your photography skills, they're amazing and how lucky you are to be able to keep a photo history of Liam. Now I'm hungry for chocolate cake!!