Missouri to Arizona

This past week my grandma died (more on that later).  It was completely unexpected.  So I left Friday morning with my family to drive out to Arizona for her funeral.  The drive out was beautiful.  We drove through so many different types of landscapes.  Sunset and sunrise I had my camera out trying to capture images from a moving vehicle.  Here's some of my favorites.

Kansas at sunset.


Nothing beats an Arizona sunrise.


All taken in Arizona. Everything from the White Mountains (just outside of Eagar where I grew up), the "Valley" (a.k.a. Mesa), and the Salt River Canyon. When I lived in Arizona, I never really liked desert landscapes. Now that I've been away, it was beautiful.


Ok, I admit this wasn't taken from a moving car. This was taken on one of the many side of the road potty breaks. (We were traveling with 7 kids).


Shannon lost her tooth here when she was little. From then on whenever we drove through Salt River Canyon, we would always search for and point out this spot.


Legend is, this was the car of some honeymooners that went over the side. It was another spot that we'd look for every trip through the canyon (p.s.- I circled the car).



  1. I remember you telling me the Honeymooner's story on a track trip. I always think of it when we pass that part of the canyon. Love the pictures, expecially the AZ ones.

  2. You came to the White Mountains and didn't call me? Haha. I understand, you had other things on your mind. However, I wish you could have made it a longer trip and we could have gone to lunch or something. Next time :)