October 2011 General Conference pictures

Another general conference has come and went.  Every talk was inspiring & wonderful, but like each year there were a specific few that really touched my heart- messages that seemed tailored for me.  My favorite, probably a talk by Carl B. Cook, "It Is Better to Look Up".  (click the title if you want to go read/listen/watch it!).

And, trying to stay true to tradition, we took what I like to refer to as "general conference" pictures.  I feel like every general conference I grow spiritually in some way.  There's always some talk that is exactly what I've been praying for or need to hear.  These pictures are a way to mark my families physical growth...& maybe even put a visual with a period when I/we learned something we needed to learn.

 Sunday we spent the day with family & I got some awesome spaghetti eating pictures.

Let me introduce the king of the pasta.
and the queen (Kyra's little Gracie Sue).
Now, a confession.  We didn't actually take pictures on Saturday or Sunday (when general conference was taking place).  I wasn't feeling good that day...but I wasn't going to give up on the tradition I'm trying to create!  So we just took them a few days later. :)

It wasn't all smooth sailing.  We got a few of these...
...and a few I'll probably print & stick on our wall.
And these- I just love. I snapped them when they thought I was messing with the self timer.  I love my family!